Conference Room

The conference room at Barnstondale has always been an adaptable and useful space, whose versatile seating arrangements can swiftly transform the space from a formal lecture and seating space to a space for games and anything in between. With a recent upgrade in technology, however, the space has become even more useful.

By greatly improving the stage area with audio and a digital projector the conference room has become even more adaptable. Need to show some video? Display a powerpoint presentation to support a talk? How about playing Wii games on our giant screen? The only limit now is what you can plug in and how you can use it – its even been used recently with a computer and mats for playing dance games as a group!

The conference room can be easily booked as part of your stay at Barnstondale and all the technology will be available if you do. Whatever use you can think of for the conference room, you’ll find it an ideal space.