Dining Room

Barnstondale offers a range of catering options, whether you’re staying for a few days or just coming for the day. With options for full board or half board and a wide and varied menu to suit your needs, we can put together an ideal catering plan for you.

Our dining room may not be home but its still homely and a great place for conversation and laughs over good food. Just like home though there’s a few chores to be done! As children get used to the responsibilities of setting tables, clearing up after meals and loading the dishwasher its great to see them learning to work as a team and get a little confidence in their own abilities.

Our dining room isn’t just about mealtime though, its also a great place for groups to hang out together and enjoy some games! With snooker tables, table tennis, foosball and pool all available to play its not hard to see why its a popular spot with our visitors. Good food and good play, what’s not to like? Oh, you want some snacks too? Its a good job we have a tuck shop right in the dining room that you can staff for your groups as well!

It all adds up to a memorable and popular part of the Barnstondale experience.