The Dale

Barnstondale wouldn’t be Barnstondale without its dale and this beautiful wooded spot feels like you’re suddenly miles from anywhere when you walk down the path between the trees. Once down in the dale there’s a whole world of nature around you.

A little river meanders its way lazily through the dale, helped on its way by recent work by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers who did sterling work to ensure the river flows properly. This is the location for our famous river crossing activity, as groups work together to get each other safely across the river dry, intact and with a smile on their faces as the fly along the zip line.

There are bridges over the river at either end of the dale, allowing a big looping walk to be had. Alongside the river are some seating areas on a ring of tree trunks, a perfect starting place for some group outdoor activities. Up the slopes and across our football field you’ll find a pond hidden away in the woods with a dipping platform built out into the middle of it, opening up a world of possibilities for school group use.

The whole dale really does feel a world away and its undeniably beautiful. Its a resource that all our groups appreciate and one visit to the dale never seems enough, but you’ll only understand why when you unlock the gate and wander down the path into the woods for the very first time yourself.