We love to hear how our visitors of all ages have enjoyed their visit, especially when they present us with poster-sized thank you notes like the one shown below! You don’t have to take our word for it about Barnstondale, you can hear from many of our visitors, children, adults, group leaders and happy participants, in their comments below. 

For reasons of privacy and child protection full names are only used where permission has been given. 


“A huge thank you for your help and support while we were with you. All staff were brilliant and the children loved the meals (they wanted to kidnap the cooks and bring them back to school!) – St Mary’s & St Paul’s Primary School.

“Thank you so much for having us for our extra 24 hours earlier this week. Thank you for coping so well with the last minute changes in numbers and also for being flexible with our use of the upper rooms in the cabin – much appreciated.” – Gillian Turner

“The children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed themselves thanks to the efforts of yourselves and your staff. The activities, accommodation and food were great. The children haven’t stopped talking about it.” – Tony Buckley, St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

“I know I am not speaking for just myself when I say how impressed everybody was with the approachable and friendly staff, always with a smile and ready to listen but most of all for their limitless energy and enthusiasm.” – Lynette, Moreton

“Thank you for making our time at Barnstondale so enjoyable. As usual we (the staff) had a fantastic time and the children loved it. It was wonderful to see them successfully working together through new experiences.” – Steven Allday, Liverpool

“This is such a good place, I love the log cabins and the basketball court. Thanks for the food & salad.” – Tricia

“The dormitories were really cozy. The food was legendary, I want to eat it every day.” – Tom Drew, Cheshire

“The food was really nice. I think everybody liked it, especially me; the cooks were master chefs!” – Elm Class, Kelsall Community Primary School

“Thanks for the best residential ever. I really enjoyed the abseiling and archery, abseiling was scary but I did it!” – Eva, Kelsall Community Primary School

“I never wanted to go home because of how much fun I was having!” – Louise, Cheshire

“The facilities make it fun so we can have a laugh and play games, the cabins have very good facilities as well.” – Eden, Cheshire

“Can I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for making us feel welcome.” – Helen Cockayne, Haydock

“The staff that took us for the activities were good.” – Caitlin, Liverpool

“Thank you for letting us stay in your lovely cabin. The rooms are lovely.” – Lois, Liverpool

“Thanks for letting us stay here, we had a lovely time here. The things I liked the most were the food and the activities. Thank you very much.” – Keith, Kensington

“Thank you for the lovely stay at Pine Cabin. The beds were comfy, the meals were delicious and I had a lovely stay at Barnstondale.” – Anna, Kensington

“Thank you very much for a great stay; the cabins were great and the dinners were fantastic!” – Jack, Kensington

“We have loved staying in Barnstondale, the activities were great and the beds were comfy.”

“I enjoyed staying in Barnstondale, you have the most perfect food and activities. You provide the comfiest beds!” – Nicoll, Kensington

“Thank you for letting us stay here it has been great. The rooms and activities were awesome and the food was lovely”. – Kaillum, Kensington

“Thank you for the fabulous stay here it has been excellent! The food was scrummy, the rooms are perfect and the activities are great! What more could you ask for?” – Ellie, Kensington

“We have really enjoyed staying in our cabins and all of the activities we took part in. I would love to come and stay in this fantastic place.” – Paige, Liverpool

“Thank you for the lovely food. It was a fantastic week. The activities were amazing.” – Wesley, Kensington

“Thank you for this week, it has been great!” – Daniel, Kensington

“You’ve got some amazing stuff and places!” – Erin, Liverpool

“The activities were brilliant because they allowed us to do things that we hadn’t done before. In general it was an amazing stay.” – Luke, Kensington

“The bbq was nice, can I come to Barnstondale again?” – Clay, Netherley

“I love the woods!” – Kaitlin, Netherley

“I liked dancing in the disco. I had lots and lots of fun playing in the adventure playground.” – Callie, Netherley

“Can I come to Barnstondale again?” – Carly, Netherley

“I loved the barbecue. I liked the food it was nice.” – Rebecca, Netherley

“I liked the barbecue and I liked the adventure playground. I would like to come again.” – Jake, Netherley

“When I got there I thought your place was the most fabulous place in the world!!” – Isabelle, Netherley

“I had a fantastic time at Barnstondale!” – Lacey, Netherley

“The dormitory had very comfortable beds.” – Chloe, Netherley

“Can I come to Barnstondale again? It was so cool.” – Jamie, Netherley

“I enjoyed Barnstondale, the adventure playground was my favourite out of all the things.” – Lee, Netherley

“I liked the disco and the tuck shop” – Kate, Netherley

“I loved the bunk beds it was brilliant. The dormitory was so good.” – Lauren, Netherley

“The adventure playground was great. I loved Barnstondale.” – Libby, Netherley

“I like Barnstondale, the best trip with Norman Pannell School!” – Abbie, Netherley

“I want to come again to Barnstondale. I liked the bbq so much and the helpers when they made the packed lunch.” – Norman. Netherley

“The archery and rock climbing were very exciting.” – Bradley Cottrell

“The cabin was luxurious. It was cosy and warm also upstairs was a great place to play games and have fun.” – Emma Smith

“My most enjoyable time was when we did rock climbing and archery in the sports hall!” – Lillie O’Neill

“The play area was good because there was plenty of climbing frames and other great activities.” – Oscar Seal

“I really liked the cabin’s rooms because they had a lot of space and the beds were very comfortable.” – Patrick Watts

“I had a fantastic time at Barnstondale Centre, the food was yummy, the cabins were nice and clean, the activities were fun and entertaining and everyone there was polite and helpful.” – Frank Hulme

“All the staff were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble for them. We really appreciate knowing what a ‘real gem’ you have at Barnstondale and look forward to seeing you again very soon.” – Sandra, Knowsley

“A big thank you to you all for making our stay with you so enjoyable.” – Sarah, Heswall

“Our weekend went like a dream and we want you all to take credit for that. Every one of our guests complimented Barnstondale as a fantastic setting and extremely welcoming.” – Abby

“I really enjoyed climbing up the climbing wall. It was a shame I had to go home because I was enjoying Barnstondale and me and my friends were having a good time together. The cabins were fab!” – Year 2, St Peters School

“We never get bored of coming. Thanks!” – Jeanette

“Thank you so much for the food this week. I have really enjoyed it. I have also enjoyed my stay this week and hope to be back again soon.” – Tasha

“I want to come back and I don’t want to go home!” – Joe Nicol

“This place is cool!”  - Michael Keen

“Thank you for looking after us so well. I really enjoyed staying at Barnstondale. The food was brilliant. Hopefully I will be able to come again.” – Stacey Wright

“Thank you for making our time at Barnstondale a great one!” – Overchurch Juniors

“The rooms were comfy and the food was delicious. The trips were exciting and the helpers great fun.” – Alastair Smith

“Thank you very much for our wonderful visit to Barnstondale. We really enjoyed it. All the meals were fantastic so a very big thank you to the cooks. We loved the camp fire in the evening it was so warm.” – St Peters CE School, Heswall

“It was once again a pleasure to stay with you all at Barnstondale. We are always made to feel very welcome…. Thanks for all you did for us and the manner in which you did it.” – Raymond, Co. Down

“You gave us a change to do what we might never have done if we did not go to Barnstondale, so thank you very much.” – Daniel, Liverpool

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful 3 days. They were most probably the best days of my life.” – William, Litherland

“Thank you so much for being so friendly and welcoming. The food was lovely!” – Young Women’s Group