With the tallest abseiling tower in Wirral at Barnstondale its not surprising how many people have experienced the adrenalin thrills of the fastest route to the bottom – and one go is never enough!

Young people love the challenge of the purpose built abseiling tower. Whilst a little daunting a first the thrill of stepping over the top gives them a great feeling of achievement. Its a character and team building experience for everyone. Even the most nervous participant gathers confidence from being cheered and encouraged from below.

Our fully trained instructors will ensure everyone has properly fitted safety harnesses and helmets and will take them step by step through everything they need to know in a safe and secure environment.

As a result children will learn the great feeling of taking risks and succeeding. This will build self-esteem and raise confidence. It may only be a few metres from top to bottom, but its a distance that can make a real difference.