kayaking-1The dip of the paddle into the water, the sounds of the water lapping alongside you, the sounds of nature all around, the sense of achievement that comes with being able to control a craft on water….there’s an undoubted romance to learning how to kayak and we’re all for that at Barnstondale.

Children love to be on the water and love the opportunity to get wet! Groups are taught by our professional and experienced staff all the basic skills of kayaking and paddling that they need and how to stay in the kayak. It doesn’t take long before there are big grins across faces as the sense of achievement grows from being able to control the kayak.  However they somehow always manage to have additional fun by getting themselves and each other wet, one way or another….

This activity takes place at a local lake (weather permitting) which is a 20 minute drive from the Centre.

This is an excellent activity for building stamina and confidence.