Problem Solving


Not all the activities at Barnstondale have their emphasis on the physical. Some of our most enduringly popular activities require groups to engage their brains as much as their limbs; as they have to work out a problem that has been set them.

We have a number of problem solving games which encourage children to work as a team to achieve their goal. They may need to move a barrel across an assault course or get their team from one location to another without touching the ground. One of the biggest advantages to these activities is their setting in an open environment. There isn’t one right way to achieve the goal and creative thinking and communication are absolutely essential aspects for success.

The participants will need to think, plan, communicate and work together. By having to think their way through and having to work together towards the goal the experience can be a formative one for young people as they benefit from a great sense of achievement and appreciation that a team approach, rather than individual successes, often helps.

At Barnstondale we want to make sure that no one leaves their brains at home!