Target Rifles

20190521_151128Following a massive upgrade to our facilities for target sports, target rifles at Barnstondale has taken this already hugely popular activity to new levels. Target sports don’t have to just be computer games, at Barnstondale you can try them for real in a safe yet still exciting way.





20190226_134052Built to ensure a safe environment, the Target Hub has tiered seating separate from the shooting area to ensure that everyone is comfortable as they await their turn, as well as giving them a fantastic view of how their friends are doing. The shooting locations are purpose built and set up to allow each participant enough room to be comfortable as they get to grips with the air powered rifles that we use for this activity. The whole target area itself can actually be used for a variety of other target sports, enabling the hub to be enjoyed by absolutely everyone.

We find everyone loves this activity and really engages with it straight away – which is something that can be said for so many of the activities that our visitors are keenly anticipating getting to try, often for the first time. Holding, controlling and successfully shooting the rifles bring an almost instant sense of achievement to the participants and an equally instant desire to try it over and over!

P1050558The simple rifles are safe and easy to use and their use is limited to a controlled environment. All rifles are fitted with safety catches and full training is given with safety paramount at all times, without hampering the fun. As the participants progress from their first shots, games are introduced which will increase the challenge as well as improving co-ordination and attention span. From starting with paper targets they can move on to greater difficulty, including our moving target challenge!

This activity is beneficial for children with additional needs. Our staff can help them to load the rifles if required.