Can we come as a family?
Yes, families often come as part of larger groups and now it is possible for a family to come and make use of Meadow Cabin.

Are you only available for disabled children?
No, we welcome all children of all abilities at Barnstondale and have facilities to suit all needs.

Are you only for disadvantaged children?
No, everyone is welcome at Barnstondale.

Are you only available for people in Wirral?
No, we have played host to people all over the UK and even international guests!

Do you take adults?
Yes, we do take groups of adults, though our focus will always be on children.

Can we do self catering?
Yes, self catering is an option in Dale Cabin and Meadow Cabin. Very large groups that book the entire site have also self catered.

Do we need to bring our own bedding?
We provide duvets & covers & pillows with pillowcases for each bed. We encourage you to bring your own sleeping bags if you want to, or we can provide sheets at a nominal charge per person.

Do teachers come free?
No, teachers and group leaders are charged for their stay, but at a discounted rate.

Do you have public liability insurance?
Yes, Barnstondale is fully insured.

Do you have an activities license?
Yes, our activities license is L10146/R0650

What is the minimum age that can visit?
We don’t have a set minimum age for visitors, though obviously very young children cannot take part in all activities. We don’t have sleeping facilities for the very youngest, so travel cots etc would need to be brought with you.

Is Barnstondale secure?
Barnstondale is as secure as we can reasonably make it for a site in the countryside, without turning it into a prison! All cabins and rooms have locking doors and all exit points from the site have gates. There is a keypad-lock operated gate across the car park entrance which can be used if required.

Do you have internet access?
Yes, we have free wifi for our visitors all around the site, subject to availability.