We were delighted to be able to welcome Premier League legend Rafa Benitez to Barnstondale for a visit recently. Rafa and Montse Benitez have long been friends and supporters of Barnstondale and their help has been invaluable in assisting us towards many funding goals for projects.

The Newcastle United manager made his home in Wirral during his famous tenure as Liverpool manager. The affection in which he is held by the fans led to him being able to make a donation to the centre for £1850, as all the money was raised by charging for Rafa’s signature on Liverpool memorabilia. Its a huge help for us and nice for the fans to know that the money goes directly to helping young people.

Rafa has a particular interest in helping children with additional needs, especially autism, and so we will use the funds to enable children with additional needs to have a life changing experience at Barnstondale.

Previously, we’ve used donations from Rafa to purchase and equip the trailer that enables children with additional needs to have the full Barnstondale experience and visit our 12 acres of woodland, so it was great to see that Rafa wanted to take a ride too!

Rafa even took the time to visit and try out our fantastic new target hub, proving himself to as handy with hitting a target with a rifle as he is on the pitch with a football!

We’re hugely grateful to Rafa and Montse Benitez for their continued support of Barnstondale. They really help to make a huge difference to young people of all abilities who visit the centre. If you’d like to follow their example and make a difference to the lives of young people who visit Barnstondale then please get in touch with the Barnstondale office on 0151 648 1412 or info@barnstondale.org.


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