One of the most keenly anticipated adventure activities that we offer on our dedicated range in Wirral, Merseyside, Archery at Barnstondale is a thrilling experience that offers a real challenge and sense of achievement to all participants.

As one of the few permanent sites for archery in Wirral, Merseyside or across the North West, our archery range is continually being improved with new facilities and with safety always the most important concern. Each group, each participant has careful, hands-on instruction and support from our fully trained instructors, who will guide all our wannabee Robin Hood’s or Katniss Everdeen’s through the whole archery process.

We’ll start with proper handling of the bow and arrows, how to draw and aim and how to (hopefully) retrieve your arrows from the centre of the target, all safely and all the time having a lot of fun! Archery at Barnstondale gives everyone a great chance to learn a new and exciting skill and to get a real sense of achievement when they hit the target. When you’re planning your adventure activities visit, whether you’re a school or a group leader from Wirral or Merseyside or into Cheshire, North Wales and across the North West then you want to be looking at Barnstondale.

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