We’re blessed with 15 acres of woodland here at Barnstondale, which we think makes us one of the best locations for adventure activities in Wirral, Merseyside and the North West. If you’re looking for real thrills in the outdoors then you’ll want our river crossing!

Set up across the small river that runs through Barnstondale, the river crossing will see intrepid challengers pit their nerve against the gorge between the trees, as they cross from one side to the other on our safe and secure rope line setup. We think its one of the most exciting activities we offer.

Everything is planned and run with safety first, with out trained and experienced staff carefully preparing each participant with harness and helmet before they start on their run. Its also a great group activity, as everyone gets a chance to encourage their friends and as those who have already taken the ride are given the responsibility of pulling the remaining participants across – which means that the last to go ends up getting a very fast ride indeed!

If you’re a school or group leader from Cheshire or North Wales or across the North West then we’ve got a great range of adventure activities that you can enjoy and river crossing is just one of the ones that we run in our acres of woods.

To see more of them keep reading our new weekly blog post series to see details of all the activities that we offer!

To see what other adventure activities we offer click here or to get in touch with us to find out more and discuss how Barnstondale can help put together the ideal group visit for you, click here.

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