There are so many adventure activities that we run at Barnstondale and almost all of them you can do on our self-contained site. The only one you can’t is kayaking, but that’s no obstacle to adding this fantastic activity to your planned visit to Barnstondale.

When you want to try kayaking we’ll whisk you just a few minutes away to a nearby marine lake right on the edge of Cheshire and with wonderfully romantic views of the hills of North Wales beyond as you take to the water. You’ll be kitted out in all the appropriate safety gear and given full instruction on the safe way to enjoy the activity before you even take to the water.

Once you do get on to the safe environment of the marine lake you’ll experience a magical moment, the sun glinting off the water, the scenic Welsh hills and the swish of your paddle as it dips below the surface. Its an adventure moment like no other!

You’ll learn how to properly and safely handle your kayak and have plenty of time on the water to practice and to enjoy all the thrills as you manage to make your craft move and turn as you want. Not all our groups select kayaking for their adventure activities, but all the ones who do are glad to have had a truly great experience.

Why not include kayaking in your Barnstondale adventure activities?

To see more of them keep reading our new weekly blog post series to see details of all the activities that we offer!

To see what other adventure activities we offer click here or to get in touch with us to find out more and discuss how Barnstondale can help put together the ideal group visit for you, click here.



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