Sometimes the old games are the best. I bet we’ve all played the game of getting to one side of a room to the other without touching the floor; well we’ve taken that even further at Barnstondale and turned it into an adventure activity for team building that is riotous fun!

We’re fortunate enough to have a fantastic adventure playground at our centre in Wirral, Merseyside and we make use of it to play a huge version of that game. There’s only one way each group that attempts this multi-skilled challenge is going to succeed and that’s by working together from the start.

Confident participants swiftly learn they can’t forge ahead, because they’ll still fail at the task unless they’re supporting their less confident team members. Nervous participants can learn to rely on the help of others to get them through the course. Its not just about balancing on some obstacles, however, as this activity requires real brain power to figure out.

There are gaps between the play features, so groups have to work out how to bridge the gaps using stand-on crates and how to bring them along the whole way, passing the crates back and forward as the group snakes around the course.

As if that’s not enough, there’s also a barrel! The eponymous Bertie Barrel is part of the team too and he can’t be allowed to touch the floor either, so the children will have to work out how to manhandle their blue buddy around and over every obstacle they come to.

Bertie Barrel team building is a real challenge for groups of any age and schools from across the North West have praised this as a superb activity for making a difference to children – and that’s exactly what we’re about at Barnstondale. Include this in your stay at Barnstondale and not only will the children have a lot of fun, but they’ll learn a huge amount about themselves and each other in the process. Bertie Barrel is hard to beat!

To see more of the adventure activities we offer in our woodland centre in Wirral, keep reading our new weekly blog post series to see details of all the activities that we offer!

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