Barnstondale has never stood still, we’re always looking to improve, change and grow, and with brighter skies on the horizon we can start to really push ahead with our post-pandemic plans.

Outdoor activities are integral to Barnstondale, and we know the value of good outdoor education; we’re planning to really promote and support that in the years to come and want to build an inclusive outdoor education facility on site to really enhance the experience for our visitors. We have an excellent track record of turning these visions into finished buildings – like the Target Hub shown above – but now we’re looking for an architect for this amazing new project.

We’ll be fundraising to make the new Outdoor Education Centre a reality, but we can’t go to funding bodies with just a line and a dream. We have to present a credible bid for funding and that’s why we need an architect. Are you an architect (or do you know someone) who wants to help out a children’s charity and has a vision for how an Outdoor Education Centre can be? Can you help us create the drawings we need to power our bid forward? Would you like to work with Barnstondale and see how your ideas can transform the lives of young people? Then we really want to talk to you! Get in touch with us or if you know the perfect person or business who sees the value of all we do here at Barnstondale then do please encourage them to get in touch we us. We’re so excited to start those discussions!

As a part of our plans for 2021 and to help launch our new visions and perspectives for the future we’re currently going through a rebrand! We’re very excited to reveal our new look and an important part of that will be replacing essential staff clothing. We weren’t too enamoured of the short-lived T shirts and not-so-waterproof jackets of previous suppliers so we’re on the lookout for someone new. Do you have any recommendations? If so, we really need to hear them! Have you purchased branded work wear and clothing in the past and know the perfect supplier for us? Perhaps you’re that perfect supplier who has exactly the quality, performance clothing that we need? If so, please get in touch with us! We really want to hear what you have to offer.

We’re confident that 2021 will just keep on getting better for Barnstondale and all the visitors we welcome this year and that’s why we want to make our new visions real. We’ve ensured that Barnstondale will be a safe and secure environment for every visitor in 2021, so join us as we aim to make it even more exciting for now and years to come – and if you can help us to make that happen, do please get in touch!

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